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Why Сhoose Сustom Software Development? Top Reasons Best for Your Business in 2022

What to do if an off-the-shelf software does not quite fit your niche? The development of custom software can actually be a cost-effective yet high-performance solution once you think about it. 

Why choose custom software solutions for business in 2022?

What is Custom Software Development?

In a broad sense, a custom software development solution is an app built for particular users or even organizations. It typically has a specific set of functionalities that better respond to the needs of a business, compared to similar apps that already exist on the market. 

In 2022, the revenue from the app development sector is expected to reach nearly $150 billion. With an annual growth rate of 8%, the niche can be claimed as one of the most fast-evolving ones. The tendency shown is an accurate representation of how high the demand for software development in the modern-day market is.

Application Development Software Revenue – Worldwide Statistics by Statista

Your business model may be too specific to fit within the already established limits of off-the-shelf software. Not to mention that many startups distribute innovative digital products for which suitable apps just don’t exist yet. Anyway, custom build software is exactly a solution to consider for such cases. Custom development should also be your first choice if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind app. 

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Why Should a Business Use Custom Software Development?

Let’s review the key benefits that custom-made software brings to your business. 

Superior Security Options

In some niches, such as banking, blockchain, and healthcare, the protection of sensitive customer data is of outermost importance. In fact, government regulations like GDPR and HIPPA even set specific requirements regarding data handling to fulfill. Penalties for violations, for one, HIPPA provisions, may reach as much as $25,000 per case or even result in jail time. 

The mentioned are only a few of the legislations that provide rules regarding the gathering, storing, and handling of sensitive user information. Not to mention that marketplaces such as Google Play or Apple Store impose their policies regarding data protection on apps they host. 

Custom business software development helps to create a solution that fully meets the vast array of security requirements. You may also integrate protection of any complexity and reliability your business requires to oppose hacking attempts. 

Modernization and Adaptability 

Custom enterprise software is all about personalization and innovativeness. Developed with specific instructions in mind, they include interface design decisions and sets of functionalities of your choosing. The work scope of adding or removing a feature or dealing with obsolete functions is just not the case here. 

With custom enterprise application development, you may request integration of market-latest features and explore the full potential of your digital solution.

Flexibility and Scalability

Business development software services are well-focused on high-end scalability and flexibility. After all, you definitely intend to increase the number of simultaneous app users and extend your business reach over time. Custom development helps to meet your short-term and long-term goals and keep up with the rapidly evolving business environment.

Increased Reliability

Most off-the-shelf software solutions weren’t designed with the technical side of your industry in mind. That’s why they may not work as seamlessly as you were hoping to. 

Besides, such software typically doesn’t come with extensive support. So, if something goes wrong, you will lose customers until the developers resolve the issue. Fully-fledged apps developed specifically for your business are deprived of such weaknesses. 

High Cost-Effectiveness 

The best thing about tailored software is that they come only with features you voluntarily agree to include. That’s why the custom software development cost is actually optimal, in contrast to the common misconceptions about the high price of on-demand solutions. After all, you don’t overpay for functionalities you don’t need or fancy design decisions that only interfere with normal user flow. 

Which Advantages of Custom Software Development Can Give Your Project a Quick Boost?

Let’s find out what business advantages you receive by opting for custom application company services:

  • Ensures simple and streamlined integration

As mentioned, custom solutions come fully adapted to the technicalities of your IT infrastructure. Usually, there are no limitations of arbitrary APIs that may impact negatively. That’s why you should not experience issues with custom app deployment and its seamless functioning. Not to mention that individualized software integrates into the workflow way easier. 

  • Meets unique business needs

As a rule, each organization has its personal business processes, challenges, and specificities an app should address. Tailored software is probably, the most optimal way to help a business evolve and scale without altering its workflow much.  

  • Updates Legacy Systems

Custom solutions enable you to fully cover the limitations of obsolete automation or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are still in use. Software engineers may exploit your personalized solution to recode the legacy system and integrate it with modern technology so it stays afloat for some more time. 

Actually, there may be dozens of additional benefits you should explore based on concrete custom software examples.

Custom Software Development & Shelf Software Solutions

Custom and shelf software solutions

Let’s end the review of custom solutions with quick summarization of their specificities compared to ones of ready-made apps. 

FactorСustom software developmentOff-the-shelf software
FunctionalitySuperior, depending on a project’s requirementsMediocre to high, depending on the platform 
Market launch/ incorporationTurnaround times may be adjusted to your needsNearly instant
CostLower in the long term. May require purchasing additional hardware Lower in the short term. May require costly improvements
SecuritySuperior, depending on a project’s requirementsLow to high, depending on the type of software and platform
Customization opportunitiesSuperior, depending on a project’s requirementsLow to mediocre, depending on the type of software
MaintainanceProvider by the dev agency itselfEngagement of a third-party provider is necessary
FlexibilitySuperior, depending on a project’s requirementsLow to high, depending on the type of software
Factors for choosing custom software development

Usually, you need custom software development at all times when existing solutions are not usable to a necessary extent. Or, as an option, when they just don’t fit your IT infrastructure well. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long my development project will take?

The turnaround times for dev projects vary depending on the number of supported platforms, the type of software, the number of specialists on your project, and other factors. You may always negotiate convenient terms with us, so your software solution is finished at a specific point in time. 

  • Am I eligible for customer support from the company?

Yes, we assign you a personal manager who keeps you updated about the progress of your project. They will be happy to address your questions during business hours. We also share comprehensive reports and timesheets for the transparency of the workflow so that you can review outcomes and time expenses yourself. 

  • What is your development price?

Price estimates may vary significantly depending on multiple factors. These include the complexity of the project, requirement volatility, the number of developers and other specialists on your software, and more. You may contact us with your project detail for a free quote.

Choose PM Partners as Your Trusted Custom Software Development Service Provider 

How can PM Partners help?

When you are looking for a reliable vendor, it’s crucial not to make the wrong choice. PM Partners is a software development company — a Ukraine-based team that constantly delivers the finest quality custom solutions. Perfectly adapted to the business needs of our customers, the software apps we create have assisted small startups to large-scale enterprises.

We are proud of our belonging to the best custom software developers. Well-seasoned and battle-hardened, we are willing to take good care of your dev projects. We feature the end-to-end approach, including the following stages:

  • Market research/ discovery
  • Planning and drawing technical requirements
  • Generation of UI/UX design decisions
  • Creation of a prototype or MVP (optional)
  • Building software
  • Testing software
  • Deployment
  • Technical support and maintenance

Drop us a line to share your project details, claim a free strategy session, and have your project successfully completed.