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What we do

Custom software development for any type of project

We have great experience in delivering top-notch solutions for different companies with different needs. While outsourcing the engineering development to PM Partners, you find a cost-efficient and reliable solution.

Enterprise resource and process management software (ERP)

We develop ERP systems, which include:

  • Customer Relationship Management Features;
  • Financial and Invoicing Management Features;
  • Management Task Automations;
  • Product integration;
  • Time tracker;
  • Sales tracking;
  • Recruiting automation;
  • Document and project management.

Supply chain management software (SCM)

We developSCM systems, which include:

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Inventory Management Software;
  • Manufacturing Software Development;
  • Asset Tracking Supply Chain Software.

Financial management and accounting software

  • Custom Accounting Software Development;
  • Custom Portfolio Management Software Development;
  • Custom Financial Planning Software Development;
  • Custom Tax Preparation Software Development;
  • Custom Insurance Software Development.


Our services

  • Custom web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Complex back-end solutions
  • IT security services
  • API development
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