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Retail Management System Case Study performed by PM Partners to effectively organize the system stabilization processes and improve the existing ones.

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Business Challenge

  • The ERP system which is used by the client didn’t meet the requirements of management
  • The ERP system didn’t provide the necessary analytics
  • The ERP system needed a long time to process data due to the increasing number of trading operations

The client expected a large expansion of its activities in a short time and the exhausted ERP system could not technically work.

Project objectives

  • To replace exhisted ERP solutions
  • The software solution must be developed according to the individual business processes
  • Online inventory control
  • Online cost calculation
  • The software must be designed for at least 250 stores

and load requirements

  • Uninterrupted operation of more than 400 stores
  • 500 concurrent users
  • Loading check data from 800 cash registers simultaneously within no more than 300 seconds (approximately 8 thousand lines of records in 300 seconds)
  • Loading of other data (weight equipment documents, etc.) within no more than 600 seconds
  • Centralized data management
  • Data collection in a central database for analytics

Project features

  • Directories
  • Purchasing management
  • Product range matrix
  • Pricing
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Distribution centers operation
  • Production accounting (cooking food)
  • Cost calculation
  • Integration with cash register software

Project description

The PM Partners team has developed the following systems:

  • Store database
  • The database for the distribution center
  • The central database for management

The data bus on Golang was designed to integrate databases with the cash register and ensure the speed of data exchange. Firstly, a pilot project was launched at one of the stores. PM Partners team decided to launch the system at once in all stores after the pilot due to the short timeframe of the project. Our team created two support lines, divided stores into groups and appointed a curator for each group, prepared manuals both in text and video. We transferred the store’s accounting to the new ERP system in one day and effectively organize the process of system stabilization and work on improvements.

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