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Case Study on Monitor, a mobile application for the Client that has a diverse variety of 400 business units. PM Partners developed a solution that allowed an effortless analysis of all the business units having a user-friendly interface and the ability to quickly grasp any key indicators.

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Our client is one of the largest multi-format companies in Ukraine. The company’s diverse portfolio includes a chain of fast food cafes, restaurants, shops for the production of meat and fish semi-finished products, confectionery, culinary shops, bakeries, a brewery, garment production, construction and development, a large logistics center, an online store, gallery of luxury boutiques etc. The total number of business units is about 400.

Business Challenge

The board and owners needed a solution for a quick, easy and convenient analysis of all business units for various types of activities and basic indicators. Economic and accounting departments systematically made calculations, data consolidation etc. It was a complex, lengthy and laborious process, often accompanied by human mistakes. The challenge was to elaborate on a solution that would enhance the client’s activities.

Project objectives

PM Partners has developed a range of project objectives for the Client:

  • Mobile application development for business intelligence
  • Central database development and integration with ERP systems of business units
  • Definition of key indicators and calculation methods
  • Access system development
  • Simple and clear UI/UX design

Project description for Monitor, Mobile Application

  • A large number of business units (approximately 400) and performance indicators (approximately 70)
  • Users have different access depending on their position in different business units

Our team’s technical solution easily resolved these issues. We elaborated on UX/UI. As a result, we created Monitor Mobile Application that has a simple and user-friendly design with extensive use of graphs and charts. The client appreciated the Add to Favorites feature that was used for a metric or business unit. In addition, the team created a solution that has the ability to add comments to certain indicators. A sophisticated filtering system simplified the user flow and minimized the number of screens.

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