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Case Study:

UA Tag Cross-Platform Solution

Protecting original goods and items from counterfeit is a task that can be approached in multiple ways. The same is true for providing customers with additional info on products purchased and developing the two-way channel between the supplier and the end buyer. Both needs can be addressed simultaneously by simply placing unique authentication stickers/tags on goods.

In truth, the idea is much more complex and goes beyond sharing the QR-coded link leading to a web resource. PM Partners were approached by a well-established startup specializing in track and trace solutions to work on such an ambitious project. Jumping ahead, our team delivered a fully-fledged solution to the customer’s request.

The Story of UA Tag Software and the Startup Behind It

PM Partners sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each of our customers. That’s why we cannot reveal the name and backgrounds of clients who refused to share them with the publicity. Yet, you most likely have used some of the smart tech solutions that this vendor supplies to the global market.

UA Tag system is expected to raise the bar for track and trace solutions higher and reestablish the approach toward counterfeit prevention and brand communication. Although similar solutions do exist, innovative tags should outperform them in the matter of versatility and usability.

What We Were Approached for:
Challenges and Opportunities

Because of the project’s complexity, planning and negotiation of clear objectives were done in several stages. At the end of the day, we can sum up all the goals, combine them, and list them as follows:

Develop the conceptual design of the authentication sticker

Design, develop, and deploy the cross-platform CRM for Android and iOS platforms and a number of web browsers

Validate the technology and ensure the seamless operation of the entire generate-mark-use system

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