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PM Partners is a software development and data engineering-focused company with a mission to digitize and Integrate Business and People into the Internet with maximum data confidence.

Since 2016 we have been delivering technology solutions to enterprises in data-intensive industries. Our team is inspired to apply its great experience and skills to support millions of people around the world in achieving a high standard of living. We are waiting for you if you want to make this world better.

Our experience

  • ERP system development and implementation
    The whole range of services is aimed at building an efficient and reliable ERP system.
  • Trading and distribution
    >10 projects
    Extensive experience in implementation and automatization projects for retailers and distribution networks of both food and non-food products.
  • Reporting and analytics systems
    >10 projects
    Performance management and control systems, reporting are used BA tools, including mobile applications.
  • Track and trace system (product labeling system)
    > 3 projects
    Effective software solution for tracking products throughout the supply chain, from supplier to consumer using individual QR codes.
  • Production and warehouse accounting
    >10 projects
    Operational management of production and warehouse, implementation of lean production, quantitative and qualitative accounting, planning and optimization of raw materials, materials, goods etc.
  • Blockchain solutions
    >10 projects
    White-label wallets that we customize for clients, neobanks, e-commerce, crowd investing platforms, exchanges, etc.
  • Financial management tools
    > 20 projects
    Treasury and cash management system, budgeting and planning solutions, IFRS reporting.
  • Mobile applications
    > 20 projects
    Applied mobile solutions for e-commerce, distribution, restaurants, treasury, warehouse, logistics, and other mobile applications including mobile applications.

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