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PMP Group is looking for an in-house WordPress developer to enhance our capacities. 

What you are going to do?

  1. Back-end and front-end development 
  2. Implement and work with WordPress updates, plugins, themes and security
  3. Collaborate and implement user-friendly designs
  4. Troubleshooting, debugging
  5. Maintaining the website’s health & performance

Skills required:

  1. PHP programming language (other languages will be a plus +)
  2. Proven experience in doing websites for the SaaS industry
  3. Knowledge of HTML5, JS, Git
  4. Understanding user-friendly content importance
  5. Strong ability to cooperate with other colleagues (content, creators, designers, development team)
  6. Time consistency & timelines management is incredibly important! 

If you think, you will be a good fit for this role, please drop us a line and your CV

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team!

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