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Instead of spending time on recruiting, extending offices and buying extra devices, you can just get your software done hassle-free. In Data Discovery, our company takes all administrative responsibilities, as well as provides you with the required web developers. Our engagement models can be adapted to any business – part-time programmers, dedicated teams and up to offshore R&D center, knowledge of blockchain technology and its role in business transformation.


Our Data Discovery Services

  • Data mining
    We bring together all your big data sources and use a combination of AL, ML and statistics to discover patterns and ultimately predict outcomes.
  • Data governance
    We make sure that your data is always available, clean, up-to-date, secure, consistent, and ready for integration with AI, ML, IoT, and other technologies.
  • Customer master data management
    We ensure accurate and consolidated management of customer data across all your enterprise ecosystems to unlock your competitive edge in full compliance with privacy and security laws.
  • Big data integration
    We pull together your disparate data silos into a single source of truth to ensure data accessibility, reduced latency, scalability, and continuity.
  • Big data analytics
    We turn ever-growing volumes of unstructured data into customizable, visualized, and interactive reports and dashboards that will open up tremendous analytical capabilities for even the non-techiest of your team.
  • Strategy
    Our data science team will help you assess your current business context and map out a plan that will ensure seamless implementation and maximum value for your Big Data initiative.
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