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What we do

Advantages of implementing custom software for retail solutions with us:

  • Сonverting customers faster
  • Operating more efficiently
  • Managing inventory better
  • Smarter contracts
  • Handling the load of millions of users
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Flexible price management
  • Effective assortment management



  • Platform-based development
  • POS solutions for retail
  • CRM and ERP implementation
  • BI and Big Data Analytics
  • Mobility solutions for retail
  • AI and Сhatbots
  • Blockchain development
  • IoT applications for retail

We develop software for Retail companies in the following branches:

  • ERP Systems
    for effective management
    of company resources
  • Back Office
    for optimizing your internal processes
  • App Development
    for increasing customer loyalty and providing a better level of services
  • Supply Chain
    for managing product delivery
  • E-commerce platforms
    for reaching new markets, driving customer engagement, and simplifying trading at all stages
  • Data Analysis
    for a better target audience understanding and additional sales growth opportunities
  • Blockchain Solutions
    for crypto payments, supply chain tracking, customer data management, and security
  • AI-based Solutions
    for creating customers’ buying patterns and using them for further forecasting
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