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Instead of spending time on recruiting, extending the office and buying extra devices, you can just get your software done hassle-free. Our company takes all administrative responsibilities as well as providing you with the required web developers. Our engagement models can be adapted to any business – part-time programmers, dedicated teams and up to offshore R&D center. We provide services for the development of reliable and stable solutions based on the blockchain. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and its role in business transformation.


Our services

  • Crypto wallets development
    Our cryptocurrency development team benefits users of all types of crypto wallets.
  • Blockchain-based marketplaces
    We’ll help you develop a blockchain-based decentralised marketplace that directly connects its peers without any intermediaries.
  • Smart contracts development
    The smart contract controls the fulfilment of the terms of the agreements, and the transactions are traceable and irreversible.
  • Decentralised apps (dApps)
    We don’t limit ourselves by one technology – you will get a software engineer with the required tech stack.
  • Private blockchains
    You will create maintainable agreements between users, streamline processes, reduce errors and increase system transparency using a private blockchain.
  • Blockchain security
    We’ll help you apply critical security controls like identity and access management, data privacy and more with a blockchain solution.


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