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Outstaffing Services

What we do

PM Partners provides IT outstaffing services for software development, blockchain and fintech projects of any complexity.

We have leading senior and middle-level specialists on board to create world-class development products and services.

You have a project in mind and need qualified outstaffing services?

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IT outstaffing services

PM Partners is your experienced and reliable IT outstaffing services provider to boost, enhance, and support any development project.

We Provide



Custom Software Development

Apps Outstaffing

Web Development

Data Discovery

Custom Big Data

Discovery Phase

Outstaffing processes by PM Partners encompass

  • Requirements gathering
  • Selecting & recruiting candidates
  • Assembling a team
  • Project Launch

outstaffing benefits

Development Costs

Driven by Proven

Extensive Expertise
& Industry Knowledge

Various Business Domains

IT Specialists
Talent Pool

Fast, Easy & Simple Hiring

outstaffing DEDICATED TEAM

PM partners is a solid and reliable partner in elevating and up-scaling businesses that are looking for a team extension, team augmentation, or particular expertise with certain skills for defined tasks.

Our dedicated outstaffing team has over 200 professionals ready to deploy and upscale any project: Web, Mobile, Blockchain development, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Analytics.

Our Outstaffing Specialists

We have a wide pool of senior and middle-level specialists that have vast experience in various business domains to up-level any development project.

We successfully work with a variety of operating systems, programming languages, infrastructure, coding, and stacks

  • Web Developers
  • Devops
  • Software Architects
  • Mobile Apps Developers
  • Outstaffing Blockchain Developers
  • Fintech Developers
  • UI/UX

Outstaffing models

  • Pricing per hour
  • Flexible with control over processes
  • Most suitable when scope may vary
  • Bundle of skills required
  • Team and project upscaling
  • Fast ramp up & self-management
  • Mixed or sole expertise
  • Most suitable when project requirements may vary
  • Most suitable for defined & agreed scope with detailed milestones and deadlines

Technologies we use


Platforms, interfaces & frameworks


Why PM Partners

PM Partners is a world-class UI/UX, Website Development, and Software Application agency.


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We work closely with our clients to offer top-quality, innovative, integrated solutions to build long-term value for individuals, brands, and organizations.
We are ready to help your business digitalize to achieve your objectives through high-level software development, integration, virtualization and IT consulting.


What is IT outstaffing?
IT outstaffing is used to add up capacities and skills to the existing team. These capacities are enhanced with a bundle of skills or a defined stack. In this case, the outstaffing provider is taking care of the recruitment processes, while the Client receives specialists to enhance the project, accomplish its aims, and do any work that has to be done.
Outsourcing vs. outstaffing, what is it about?
The main difference is in the fact that outstaffing is cost-effective and cost-saving in comparison to outsourcing. In addition, the Client does not need to hassle with recruitment and employment processes or worry about skills and knowledge. We assemble the team from our pool of experts, so we do it all for you.
Why Ukraine IT outstaffing?
  • Ukrainian talent has a solid reputation and proven skills
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Ukraine has a huge talent pool
How to hire us?
Our hiring processes are simple, flexible and uncomplicated. Contact us to hire the best developers and let’s discuss your project.
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